Investigation into vaping illness hones in on one substance | Mike Wren, NYS Department of Health

US officials working to track down the cause of a rash of lung illnesses connected to vaping are honing in on one potential contaminant as the investigation continues.
The substance in question is an oil derived from Vitamin E, The Washington Post reports. Vitamin E can be found in almonds and avocados, and the oil derived from it is commonly used in beauty products and nutritional supplements. But inhaling it could pose risks. The oil, Vitamin E acetate, acts like a grease coating a vaper’s lungs, Bryn Mawr College chemistry professor Michelle Francl told The Post.
Vitamin E acetate acts like a grease coating a vaper’s lungs
The Centers for Disease Control says that as of August 27th, there have been 215 cases reported across 25 states…

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